New Album "Night Driving" (Available 6-23-17)


'Night Driving' is the second album by 47th Ghost. It was completed over a two month period, in the mountains of Colorado (USA). The album was recorded using a 3-component, modular synthesizer (Frank, Sparky, and Roland), acoustic drum-set, and drum machine because we thought they sounded nice. The album is a collection of songs indicative of 'driving at night'. We also made lots of songs we didn’t like, so those are not on this album.

Wes Batts programed the arrangements on the machines. He also mixed and mastered the album, but not until later because it took a while to sort through the recordings. Mike 'SQKL' Goehler contributed the drums.

47th Ghost hopes you enjoy the album and that it elevates your next evening spent ‘Night Driving’



Wes Batts